Voice Summit 2022 — I’m Speaking

I am excited to be speaking at #VOICE22 on October 10-12. I invite you to join me as the world plans for ways to reconnect, restore, and reinvigorate plans for growth in 2023. 💡 Discover ways you can modernize your call center to meet customer expectations.💡 Get a first-hand look at digital transformation initiatives to … Continue reading Voice Summit 2022 — I’m Speaking

Configuring My Device – Take 2

Well. The upgrade from Ubuntu 14 to 16 failed miserably. I think I bricked my Udoo. It's alive!!! I didn't brick it at all. It seems to be fine. So I found this conversation in the Udoo Forum. Apparently, forum member Francesco has created an Udoobuntu 18.04! Yay!!! Thank you, Francesco. I downloaded the image, … Continue reading Configuring My Device – Take 2

I’m Gonna Build an Alexa

I started by spending about $150 USD on a UDOO NEO. Then I needed to put the OS on it... That was a hassle. It started out smooth enough. I already had a microSD card. I purchased a UGreen USB stick for it. Then, I started following the tutorial here: https://www.udoo.org/get-started-udoo-neo/. I clicked here https://www.udoo.org/check-out-the-resources/Continue reading I’m Gonna Build an Alexa

An Alexa Skill in Javascript – Part 5

Finally, the last post in the series.  Here, we will show Alexa how to Roll Some Dice with a modifier so that we can get our skill working properly. We're going to do this in two steps: Create a function that will take the diceCount, plusMinus and modifier parameters and return the results as speech … Continue reading An Alexa Skill in Javascript – Part 5

Unit Testing an Alexa Skill in C# – Step 3a

In Step 3, we created the Lambda function that will provide the functionality of the Alexa Skill we defined in Step 1, we wired everything up and then we tested our Skill.  So far so good.  However, that's an awful long way round to test the Skill Request and Response.  It would be nice if … Continue reading Unit Testing an Alexa Skill in C# – Step 3a