One Man went to Mow…

…went to mow a meadow. One man’s journey into uncharted territory.

Husband, Father, Step-Father, Elder, Writer, Teacher, Artist, Student, Code Monkey, ETL Developer, Boy Scout, Reader, Speaker, Author, Miniatures Painter, War Gamer (AOS, Warmachines, Infinity, 40K), Agile Champion, Voice UI Champion, Ambient Computing Enthusiast

I aspire to be: Temple Worthy, a Knight of the Old Code, and Debt Free before Retirement

I am an Evolutionary Geek who came up from the world of WordPerfect 5.1 and Lotus 123 macros, to Microsoft Access databases, to MS Access / VB / SQL Server Applications, to Visual Basic.Net, and, eventually, to C#.  In the database world, I have developed SQL Server, Oracle, DB2 and Azure SQL databases and applications.

(I also dabbled in AS/400 programming when I needed to get data for a VB screen, Java programming when the company I worked for decided to switch from MS tools to Java tools [I no longer work there], and I learned enough C++ in the late 80’s to know I NEVER want to code in C++.  Then my wife took a couple of C++ classes as part of her Software Engineering degree and I learned some C++ anyway.  Oy Vey.)

More recently, I have worked on everything from a greenfield Data Warehousing initiative to an ASP.Net MVC 4.0 application using the Kendo UI components from Telerik. [I have reluctantly concluded that I am not a front-end developer.]

Currently, I am working in Azure SQL, Azure Data Factory, Azure Databricks, SQL Server 2017-19 (SSMS and SSIS mostly), and .Net 4.x (C#) doing data warehousing; business intelligence (Excel and Power BI mostly); and BIML development (yay BIML!).

I have created and taught classes in the use of Microsoft Office, Access, VB, VB.Net, C#, and BIML.  I’ve taught middle schoolers how to program in Scratch.  I currently teach a 6-month FinTech Bootcamp by Trilogy at universities around the country.  A couple of years ago I taught my first DataViz Bootcamp.

I wrote a corporate wiki about MS Team Foundation Server, now Azure DevOps, and its many uses.

I started this blog in an effort to document some of the cobbling together of bits and pieces that were necessary when building a Java solution. I now continue this blog as I cobble together bits and pieces that are necessary when building a Microsoft solution using a whole stack of technologies, including: MS Silverlight, MS Prism, Ideablade DevForce, DevArt dotConnect, MS Entity Framework, MS Enterprise Library, MS SQL Server, Oracle, DB2, SSIS, Telerik, ASP.Net MVC, JavaScript, Angular, Azure, AWS, Alexa, Python, JavaScript, Machine Learning, Blockchain and a bunch of other stuff I am figuring out.

Hopefully, this blog will help one or two of you to smooth out the dent in your forehead and wipe the sweat off your monitor.

Simon Kingaby
.Net Programmer, ETL Developer, BI Developer, DevOps Administrator, Alexa Developer
M: 704-840-6808
E: skingaby@gmail.com
L: Linked In Profile/ Resume

6 thoughts on “About

  1. Simon,

    Very usefull stuff. Please keep posting more stuff. As I have learned from my own experiences, sharing all the tidbits of information found over countless hours of work piecing technologies together is invaluable to those of use who would rather not do that but get right into developing a solution. Thanks for your blogs.


  2. I am just embarking on a project to evaluate telerik controls with devforce in MVVM (using MVVM light).

    From your blog I see you are also using ideablade, telerik, and MVVM. I would be really grateful to see any example of the interaction of the telerik controls (such as radgrid) in the view, the viewmodel, the repository (if you use one), and the services. I am totally new to MVVM and devforce and any example would be greatly appreciated.

    I have had some fun with telerik’s UI figuring out how to use menus to launch tabs, bound to views. Makes for an interesting user experience.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  3. I came across your name while researching dotConnect product for Oracle from Devart and I would like to ask a few questions regarding it’s stability and usage if you don’t mind.

    – CD Smith

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