Configuring My Device – Take 2

Well. The upgrade from Ubuntu 14 to 16 failed miserably. I think I bricked my Udoo. It's alive!!! I didn't brick it at all. It seems to be fine. So I found this conversation in the Udoo Forum. Apparently, forum member Francesco has created an Udoobuntu 18.04! Yay!!! Thank you, Francesco. I downloaded the image, … Continue reading Configuring My Device – Take 2

I’m Gonna Build an Alexa

I started by spending about $150 USD on a UDOO NEO. Then I needed to put the OS on it... That was a hassle. It started out smooth enough. I already had a microSD card. I purchased a UGreen USB stick for it. Then, I started following the tutorial here: I clicked here reading I’m Gonna Build an Alexa

An Alexa Skill in Javascript – Part 5

Finally, the last post in the series.  Here, we will show Alexa how to Roll Some Dice with a modifier so that we can get our skill working properly. We're going to do this in two steps: Create a function that will take the diceCount, plusMinus and modifier parameters and return the results as speech … Continue reading An Alexa Skill in Javascript – Part 5