Voice Summit 2022 β€” I’m Speaking

I am excited to be speaking at #VOICE22 on October 10-12. I invite you to join me as the world plans for ways to reconnect, restore, and reinvigorate plans for growth in 2023.

  • πŸ’‘ Discover ways you can modernize your call center to meet customer expectations.
  • πŸ’‘ Get a first-hand look at digital transformation initiatives to improve and automate the customer experience.
  • πŸ’‘ Learn how you can develop and implement custom assistants to improve efficiency.
  • πŸ’‘ Connect with creators, companies, solutions providers, investors, and media from around the world.

Register here and use discount code Kingaby20 for 20% off your ticket: https://www.voicesummit.ai/

VoiceFirst #VoiceTech #ConversationalAI #MachineLearning #AIML #CustomerExperience #CustomerJourney #CustomerData #DigitalTransformation #Omnichannel #ClientExperience

Workshop: Going Beyond Hello World: Building a Custom Alexa Skill

You’ve seen the standard Hello World skill. But how do you go beyond that? If you want to incorporate APIs and Data in a Custom Alexa Skill, then this is the session for you. See the skill creation process, learn what to change, and how, to go from Hello World to Data-Driven.

During this two-hour workshop, you will learn how to build Alexa skills that are Data-Driven. You will take away an understanding of how to create custom skill logic in an AWS Lambda function and how to integrate that logic with your Alexa skill to bring data and the power of APIs into your skills.

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