Maven2 Log4J and JMX dependencies

Aarg!  What a nightmare.  I finally — fine, call me stupid — figured out where to/how to get the JMX dependencies for Log4J.
I am using Commons Logging, which in turn, likes to use Log4J.  So, I added this to my Maven project file (pom.xml):

However, log4j has a dependency on jmx, which maven dutifully brings to my attention.

And this is where it gets interesting, the Maven repositories all have a pom for these but NOT the jar’s.
It turns out you need to download the jars from Sun’s Download site (which you have to register for).  (To navigate there, go to, then search the download center for JMX, then select the Java Management Extensions Download Information, then select the JMX 1.2.1 Reference Implementation,then select the JMX RI 1.2.1 download.  Whew!)

After downloading, you need to rename the jars from jmx*.jar to jmx*-1.2.1.jar.  Then you can register them with Maven (I use Artifactory, which made this a lot easier.)  Be sure to change the GroupId as follows:

With the jars in the repository, the JMX dependencies now resolve properly.