SQL Saturday St. Louis – February 2020

I will be speaking at SQL Saturday St. Louis on Saturday, February 8th at 8:00 am and 10:20 am. The topics are:

8:00 am Moving Data to the Cloud (with Azure Data Factory)

You need to move data. A lot of data. To the cloud. You’ve got data in a variety of on- and off-site data sources. There are several ways to do it. Some of them can be quite easily implemented using Azure Data Factory. Learn how to use variables and looping in your Data Factory pipelines. Use the Integration Runtime to pull directly from on-site sources. See how to upload files to blob storage and import them. Learn how to trigger Data Factory activities. And, learn how to keep all those connection strings and passwords secret in Azure Vault. After this session, you will have tools that you can readily implement in your own data migrations.

10:20 am Why Learn Python? A Microsoft DB/ETL/BI Developer’s Answer

You’re a Microsoft Developer. C#, MSSQL, SSIS/SSRS, SSMS, and Azure are your tools of choice. Why would you want to learn Python? In this session, I will show you several take-home utilities that use Python. The first hunts through a folder structure full of SSIS packages looking for the one(s) that load(s) a specified table. The second executes the data sources in an SSRS report to identify performance problems and document them in Excel. The third GeoCodes the City/Country names from a SQL table, getting the Lat/Lng so you can use the data in maps. Familiarity with Python is not necessary to use the utilities, but we’re not going to do Hello World either. This is real Python for Microsoft Database, ETL and BI Developers. This all-demo session shows you how to use Python with the .Net CLR, XML, ODBC, Excel, SQL Server, and Web API calls.

SQL Saturday Nashville – January 2020

I will be speaking at SQL Saturday Nashville on Saturday, January 18th at 8:30 am. The topic is:

Data Bricks, Spark, Machine Learning and Azure Synapse Analytics

An end-to-end example of Data in the cloud.

You’ve heard about Azure Data Lake and Azure Data Warehouse, now called Azure Synapse Analytics. You’ve also heard about Azure Data Factory and Azure Data Bricks. You might even have heard about Python, Spark, and Azure Machine Learning. In this fast-paced, all-demo session, we will walk through the process of ingesting data into the Data Lake, analyzing it with Spark and Machine Learning, outputting it to the Data Warehouse and reporting on it in Power BI. You will walk away with working code and an overall understanding of how all these tools can help you develop advanced analytics solutions in the modern data landscape.


The sample data file created in Exercise 1 and used in the remaining Exercises:

Data bricks, Spark, Machine Learning and Azure Synapse Analytics Slide Deck and Step-by-step instructions: