Configuring My Device – Take 2

Well. The upgrade from Ubuntu 14 to 16 failed miserably. I think I bricked my Udoo. It's alive!!! I didn't brick it at all. It seems to be fine. So I found this conversation in the Udoo Forum. Apparently, forum member Francesco has created an Udoobuntu 18.04! Yay!!! Thank you, Francesco. I downloaded the image, … Continue reading Configuring My Device – Take 2

I’m Gonna Build an Alexa

I started by spending about $150 USD on a UDOO NEO. Then I needed to put the OS on it... That was a hassle. It started out smooth enough. I already had a microSD card. I purchased a UGreen USB stick for it. Then, I started following the tutorial here: I clicked here reading I’m Gonna Build an Alexa

Open Letter to Job Seekers in Information Technology

Dear Job Seeker, So you're looking for a new job in I.T.? First, how many users group and software groups do you visit each month? These are a GREAT way to meet potential co-workers and potential employers. To find them, search on for “software”, and, separately, “users groups”, and also “developer”. There are tons … Continue reading Open Letter to Job Seekers in Information Technology