Configuring My Device – Take 2

Well. The upgrade from Ubuntu 14 to 16 failed miserably. I think I bricked my Udoo.

It’s alive!!! I didn’t brick it at all. It seems to be fine.

So I found this conversation in the Udoo Forum. Apparently, forum member Francesco has created an Udoobuntu 18.04! Yay!!! Thank you, Francesco.

I downloaded the image, flashed it to the MicroSD card with balenaEtcher, and put the card in the Udoo Neo.


No lights. No power. No nothing.


Two days later, the Udoo powered up using USB power instead of the power brick. And then it powered up with the power brick. Weird.

But it’s up and running now. And it’s on UdooBuntu 18.04. Woohoo!

Oh yeah. One thing I did discover. When I unzipped the downloaded image with 7Zip, the unzipped file had the wrong MD5 Hash code. When I unzipped the file with WinRAR, it had the right MD5 Hash code. Interesting…

The first file didn’t flash properly. The second one, with the right MD5, did flash properly.

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