Hadoop Follow Up – Hortonworks HDP Sandbox

The Hortonworks Hadoop Sandbox download got corrupted the first time.  It worked fine the second time. Installation I installed Oracle VirtualBox first.  Then, in the Oracle VM VirtualBox Manager, I select the File | Import Appliance... option, selected the HDP_2.4_virtualbox_v3.ova file and clicked Next and Import. A few seconds later, the box was installed, so I … Continue reading Hadoop Follow Up – Hortonworks HDP Sandbox

Oops…I Broke the SQL Server

So this happened.  In an attempt to give my SQL Server Instance access to more memory, I set the Max Memory to zero, expecting that to mean infinite.  No luck, SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) set the max memory to 16MB instead and broke the instance.  I could not do anything more in SSMS because … Continue reading Oops…I Broke the SQL Server

Undoing Someone Else’s Changes in TFS

Do a google search for "how to check-in another user's changes in TFS" and you will find a couple of pages of MSDN documentation and a whole lot of forum articles questioning how to do this.  Unfortunately, there is no UI option to do this, so you must resort to the command-line. Here's the command … Continue reading Undoing Someone Else’s Changes in TFS