Hadoop Follow Up – Hortonworks HDP Sandbox

The Hortonworks Hadoop Sandbox download got corrupted the first time.  It worked fine the second time.


I installed Oracle VirtualBox first.  Then, in the Oracle VM VirtualBox Manager, I select the File | Import Appliance… option, selected the HDP_2.4_virtualbox_v3.ova file and clicked Next and Import.
Importing the HDP Appliance

A few seconds later, the box was installed, so I started it up.  After  loading and starting a ton of stuff, it seemed to stop doing things and the screen looked like this:
HDP Appliance Screen

Connecting to the VM

I dismissed the two messages at the top and tried a zillion things to figure out what to do next.  Nothing.  Then I read something in the Hortonworks Tutorial in the Hello World section of the Hortonworks tutorial site about the box’s address and how to connect to the Welcome Screen.  No wonder I couldn’t do anything inside the VM itself, the interface is web-based and uses the URL:  Entering that URL into my browser, I connected and saw this:
HDP Welcome Screen

Then I ran into difficulty because the firewall at work won’t let me download the tutorial files.  Ack!

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