The Common ETL Framework Part 2

Auditing/Logging Each package is responsible for logging at two different levels:  Audit and Debug. The Audit level of logging needs to record the following for each package execution: Start Day and Time Executing Machine name Executing as Username Records Affected (if appropriate) – Can include Records Inserted, Updated, Deleted, Archived, Errored, etc. Error data if … Continue reading The Common ETL Framework Part 2

The Common ETL Framework Part 1

Defining a Common ETL Framework SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) provides a mechanism to Extract data from some source, Transform it as necessary, and Load it into the tables in a target database (ETL). Each SSIS package should implement a common framework for logging, executing, monitoring and error handling so that these details are abstracted … Continue reading The Common ETL Framework Part 1

Hadoop Follow Up – Hortonworks HDP Sandbox

The Hortonworks Hadoop Sandbox download got corrupted the first time.  It worked fine the second time. Installation I installed Oracle VirtualBox first.  Then, in the Oracle VM VirtualBox Manager, I select the File | Import Appliance... option, selected the HDP_2.4_virtualbox_v3.ova file and clicked Next and Import. A few seconds later, the box was installed, so I … Continue reading Hadoop Follow Up – Hortonworks HDP Sandbox

Oops…I Broke the SQL Server

So this happened.  In an attempt to give my SQL Server Instance access to more memory, I set the Max Memory to zero, expecting that to mean infinite.  No luck, SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) set the max memory to 16MB instead and broke the instance.  I could not do anything more in SSMS because … Continue reading Oops…I Broke the SQL Server

Undoing Someone Else’s Changes in TFS

Do a google search for "how to check-in another user's changes in TFS" and you will find a couple of pages of MSDN documentation and a whole lot of forum articles questioning how to do this.  Unfortunately, there is no UI option to do this, so you must resort to the command-line. Here's the command … Continue reading Undoing Someone Else’s Changes in TFS

Orks with Dreads? Why not?

A quick and easy way to make dreadlocks for your orks, or for anyone else for that matter, is to use your Hobby Drill in the thickest part of an old sprue.  Twirling the hobby drill carefully, you can get a ½ to ¾ inch long dreadlock (or longer I suppose, if the sprue is thick enough). … Continue reading Orks with Dreads? Why not?