Configuring the Alexa VSK

First, I went to the Setup VSK on Ubuntu page.

I registered my device in the developer portal.

I installed and configured the AVS Device SDK dependencies.

I downloaded the AVS Device SDK.

So far so good.

Then, I started trying to build the Sample App. Copying the files to my build directory with cmake worked fine. Then I tried to make the SampleApp.

** Crash **


** Crash **

Rinse and repeat.

Each time, it would get a little further. Right now it is at 65% complete after many hours and many retries.

Now, several days later, and many, many restarts, it’s stuck at 93%. Dang.

Several days later, I have not been able to complete the installation. Now, to try something entirely different. There’s an open-source voice SDK that I’m going to try.

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