Unit Testing an Alexa Skill in C# – Step 3a

In Step 3, we created the Lambda function that will provide the functionality of the Alexa Skill we defined in Step 1, we wired everything up and then we tested our Skill.  So far so good.  However, that's an awful long way round to test the Skill Request and Response.  It would be nice if … Continue reading Unit Testing an Alexa Skill in C# – Step 3a

Setting up Eclipse for Testing

So I started trying to figure out how to do Unit testing in Eclipse. Eclipse defaults to JUnit 3 tests, but I want to use JUnit 4 tests. But the Eclipse JUnit 4 plugin is version 4.3 and I want to use 4.4. Then there is the difference between Assert.True and Assert.That, the latter requiring … Continue reading Setting up Eclipse for Testing