Setting up Eclipse for Testing

So I started trying to figure out how to do Unit testing in Eclipse.
Eclipse defaults to JUnit 3 tests, but I want to use JUnit 4 tests. But the Eclipse JUnit 4 plugin is version 4.3 and I want to use 4.4. Then there is the difference between Assert.True and Assert.That, the latter requiring (or at least benefiting from) Hamcrest.
So I finally removed the Eclipse Junit 4.3 library from my BuildPath and added the junit-4.4.jar and hamcrest-all-1.1.jar instead.
In the process, I came across this Unit Testing in Eclipse page, which includes the fit.jar. Well, that launched me into another search as I tried to figure out how to run Fit tests in Eclipse. It turns out that Chengyao Deng wrote his masters thesis on this topic. That led me to the FitClipse Installation Instructions.
Well, my testing configuration wouldn’t be complete without jMock, so I found the jmocklipse site. No code present, just a good idea in Google’s suite of good ideas. Oh well, I can include the external jar manually.
So, now I have Junit, Hamcrest, Fit and jMock all set up and ready to test.
Now…if only I had something to test…

Further Reading:
FIT and Eclipse
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