BMI KeyNotes – Toastmasters Speech on Biml

As practice for delivering a 50-minute seminar to my fellow ETL Developers at BMI, I presented Speech 5 from the Toastmasters Technical Presentations manual.  It was a whopping 12-15 minute speech and I didn’t go over time!!!   Yay!!!  (I normally blow through the red card and end up a minute or two over my time before the Toastmaster yanks off the podium.)

I think the speech went well.  I only got off script a couple of times.  (But at least I didn’t read it verbatim, which I too often do.)  I lost some people during the demonstration portion of the speech, but that is where I cut a 40-minute demonstration down to 4 minutes, so I knew it was going to be too fast and too technical.  I do hope that most of my non-technical audience at least got a glimpse into the world of an ETL developer, even if they didn’t understand it fully.

Please use the comments section below to ask questions and provide feedback.  I welcome comments, questions, and constructive criticism about the speech and the content.  Thank you.

Below are links to the PowerPoint slide decks I used, the speech I delivered and the support files for the demonstration I gave.

How to move a ton of data from the Mainframe to the Cloud – PowerPoint

How to move a ton of data from the Mainframe to the Cloud – Speech

Using Biml to Automate the Generation of SSIS Packages – PowerPoint

Intro to Biml Speech – Support Files

2 thoughts on “BMI KeyNotes – Toastmasters Speech on Biml

  1. Great job Simon! I’m glad to be learning from someone with much more experience in Toastmasters. I look forward to many more!

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