SQL Saturday Atlanta!

I am excited to announce that I will be giving my BIML seminar in Atlanta in July!!! Here’s the abstract for my session:

SQL Saturday 652

How to move a ton of data from the Mainframe to the Cloud (with Biml).

So, you need to move data from 75 tables on the mainframe to new tables in SQL Azure. Do you: a) hand code one package to load all 75 tables, b) hand code 75 packages that move a table each, or c) wish there was a better way?
There is! Business Intelligence Markup Language (Biml) can automate the creation of packages so that they all follow the same script. In this session, we will create some simple metadata to be able to generate multiple packages and their associated connection managers. You will see Biml in action. You will see the XML that Biml uses to define packages and connections. You will see the C# code that Biml uses to fetch metadata and dynamically generate packages in SSIS. And you will see packages and connection managers generated from Biml before your very eyes.

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