New BI SharePoint Server Showed Up

I love that no one told me the new BI Server for SharePoint was up.  Grrr…..

And, lo and behold, despite the requisition stating clearly that it needed Windows 2012 on it, I still got Windows 2008.  Aahhh!

I fixed that with an in-place upgrade to Windows 2012 R2.   Hopefully, that won’t bugger it up too badly.

Now I get to install SharePoint and all the BI services.  Fun, fun, fun.

But wait…  First I have to install Windows 2012 Update.  Which turns out to be a handful of KB files.  Before you can install the Update, you have to install KB2919442.  Then you can install the Update.  After several reboots, the update is finally installed.

Next I ran SharePoint setup, just to see what would happen.   This happened:

SharePoint Pre-requisites

So I guess I know what I’ll be doing next.

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