IdeaBlade DevForce – Model Setup Walk-through – Sample Code

Attached here is the finished sample project, created by following the steps outlined in the IdeaBlade DevForce – Model Setup Walk-through:
Step 1: The Entity Framework Project
Step 2: The DevForce Projects

Attached Code: Sample Code

Of course I had to adjust the connection string in the ModelEF’s app.config file.
The SQL to create the tables is in the Step 1 instructions linked above.
I have not included the DLL’s and Installs in the dependencies and installations folders. These can be readily downloaded from the various vendors’ sites.

2 thoughts on “IdeaBlade DevForce – Model Setup Walk-through – Sample Code

  1. I read the comments by Bell Ward. In a nutshell, after 28 hours of additional work on RIA Services, you get some of the features already in Ideablade. It makes sense to use Ideablade right off the bat…same reasoning for using Telerik in some case for controls rather than the built-in free MS controls…it’s worth paying for the additional features that the 3rd party provides and maintains for you.


  2. Simon,
    I’ve had good success with the DevArt DOtConnect for Oracle as well.

    As a testament to your excellent work on this example project, your blog came up again and again in search results as I’d researched various ORM issues that arose.

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