Microsoft MVC – First Attempt

I finally found some useful web pages that explained MVC in a way I could understand.

This is where I started. Scott Guthrie is one of several great Microsoft bloggers. I tried this code, but it is badly out of date. But the descriptions are excellent and most instructive.
ASP.NET MVC Framework (Part 1)

Phil Haack had an interesting summary of MVC/MVP:
Everything You Wanted To Know About MVC and MVP But Were Afraid To Ask

Dino Esposito also has some interesting comments that help illuminate the MVC topic:
Architectural View of the ASP.NET MVC Framework.

The MVC tutorials were useful too, once I understood what these guys were all talking about. I’ve referred to these tutorials several times.
ASP.NET MVC Tutorials

Here’s the technical docs on MVC. They’re a little lean, but still useful.
ASP.NET Model-View-Controller Applications

Lastly, a couple of the Telerik bloggers are great too.
Atanas Korchev has a working sample app that uses the RadGrid and other RadControls to display data in a sample MVC forum application. His blog entry has the download at:
ASP.NET Ajax Controls in ASP.NET MVC – Announcing the sample application
Vladimir Enchev also has some interesting posts on MVC. Particularly this one:
Telerik RadControls in Microsoft ASP.NET MVC

So, from all of this, I was able to piece together a working MVC sample.

It doesn’t do much, just retrieves a few rows from a table and displays them in a Telerik RadGrid. There’s even a unit test to make sure the Controller returns the rows from the model that I expected it to. I’ll post some code on this soon.

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