Implementing the RowViewModel – Part 2

Part 2 – Getting Data into the Grid In Part 1, we setup the projects necessary for a standard business application using IdeaBlade DevForce for the Model, MVVM Light for the ModelView and a Telerik RadGridView in the View. In Part 3, we will follow through the binding process to see some of the challenges … Continue reading Implementing the RowViewModel – Part 2

Implementing the RowViewModel – Part 1

  Part 1 – Setting up the Projects In my earlier post here, I introduced the concept of a RowViewModel to make editable grids using the MVVM pattern.  In this post, I will demonstrate how to implement the RowViewModel using a combination of IdeaBlade DevForce for the Model, MVVMLite for ViewModel support and Telerik’s Silverlight … Continue reading Implementing the RowViewModel – Part 1

webMethods pub.db:call Examples

I cannot find any examples of the mappings needed to use the pub.db:call in webMethods 8.0.1.  The documentation is helpful, but is barren of any examples.  Basically the provided documentation defines little more than name, rank, serial number and description of each built-in service.  In the absence of any examples, in the documentation or anywhere … Continue reading webMethods pub.db:call Examples